Writing as a process and what worked for me

by Susan K. Younger on August 4, 2012

Once the outline had been set some chapters “dumped” out of me easily while others required real work and time to decide what details I really wanted to share and why that story was important to share and how.

I had to learn the rhythm of work that best fostered progress for me. I was not good at sitting down and demanding myself to produce anything.

I did my best if I thought about a chapter right before bed and if something came to mind I would write it down only as far as it came easily. Through this process I would lay out the intention to continue writing in the morning whatever else came to me. I could put the laptop down when the mind would feel blocked or blank; sleep and wake without the alarm. Starting with a fresh rested brain I could just see where things went.

If I slept and awoke at my usual time, okay, oh well, no inspiration today.

If I woke very early with clear thoughts about the writing, I could complete a chapter in an hour or two at a time. It would surprise me how early I would wake feeling fully rested and able to tackle what seem tough to conceive the night before. It was almost like writing through a stream of consciousness.

It was amazing how easy it was to write when I allowed myself to find my own way to inspire my thoughts and yet create structure and space for that to occur in time to meet some self imposed goals and deadlines.

Writing went faster than I expected, despite the fact that sometimes life just got in the way and would slow me down, but it would never stop me.

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