Writing a Book Proposal

by Susan K. Younger on October 13, 2012

I originally thought I might publish this book with an established commercial publisher, so I worked for a long time on a book proposal. Writing the book proposal was way harder for me than writing the book.

14 months / 25 chapters = Book Manuscript
16 months /10 pages of pain = Book Proposal

I really had to let the book sit. I had to distance myself from myself and answer that ugly question:

Why would anybody other than my friends want to hear my stories?

Remember this, I am “the shy girl”, trying to tell people why “her life” has value even when “she knows” what great value is has for her.

It might sound conceited, it might seem absurd, and again . . . . Why would anybody want to listen? Those tapes in your own mind can be the toughest to get past.

Typically a book proposal might be more statistical about how and why a book is something that solves a problem, answers a question.

My stories don’t have statistics to support them, nor did they relate directly to my businesses. Others were spinning their circles smaller in focus around their business and message. I seemed to be widening my circle. Exploring new directions to reach out to the world while looking inward at my own life for the answers of how and why I make connections in life.

Even if you plan to self publish I think the process of doing a book proposal is an important step for an author.

Don’t forget to ask yourself. Why would anyone want to read my book?

If you want more information about how to write a book proposal, go to How to Write a Winning Book Proposal on Amazon Kindle or if you don’t have a Kindle, email jan@janbking.com for a PDF version to download.

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