Working with an Editor

by Susan K. Younger on August 21, 2012

I got Kim’s evaluation of my manuscript the same day I had my first conversation with Bella about the book cover. It was the verbal feedback to mirror the visual feedback and help me see how my writing was perceived by others. What a great way to get feedback, so helpful for me to begin re-working my stories and the book with Kim’s comments, a tool for me to improve my writing through the insight of the team.

Kim provided me with an overall analysis of what improvements she thought would help readers better connect to the stories in the book. She also provided chapter by chapter specific ideas to guide me through my review as I rework some stories.

What I appreciated most was the positive manner all the comments were presented as support for my book and its organization. It clearly showed me the audience needs more detail in some areas to relate to the stories while less detail is required for others. The evaluation helps me to understanding which details are important for the reader to understand the stories and see the book’s point of view.

Since I am more story teller than writer it was wonderful to have some compliments of things that worked as well as those needing revision. All her comments made sense and will guide me as I work over the next couple of weeks to revise the manuscript. I’m sure as I rework sections I will have questions to discuss with Kim about the best way to address all the ideas and comments she has shared.

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