Working with a Virtual Author’s Assistant

by Jan King on August 13, 2012

Today, I am introducing Susan to Janica Smith, an author consultant and virtual author’s assistant.  Janica has helped many authors by referring them to professionals like editors, cover designers and other.  She has also helped many authors to self publish by finding them the right printer for their book, and getting all the numbers (like ISBN and LCCN) needed for a book.  She helps authors market their books by helping them send books to industry reviewers, booking interviews, speaking engagements and preparing for profitable events.

Like most author’s assistants, Janica works virtually – her clients are all around the country.  Author’s assistants have been around for at least 120 years, but the magic of working with them now is that no matter where you live, you can work with someone locally or virtually.

Virtual author’s assistants have become very popular because so many people are intending to self publish but they don’t know who to trust with their books.  Virtual author’s assistants never require you to share profits or any rights to your intellectual property, and they are far less expensive than working with a POD publisher.

Janica is going to specifically help Susan get her International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).  Having done this so many times, Janica will know exactly how many and under what circumstances Susan needs ISBNs.  She will also help Susan get her Library of Congress Control number, something that can only be done before publication. In addition, Janica will help Susan register all the information about her book with the right printer or printers.  Finally, she will help Susan prepare and upload an ebook on Kindle.

After publishing, Janica will also help Susan with setting up and using social media and working with her to set up speaking events and perhaps a virtual book tour.

Janica can answer most any question on publishing which makes her a tremendous asset to the new author.

Lucky for you, if you are an author or aspiring author there are virtual author’s assistants all over the world.  You can find just the right person for you on the Author’s Assistant directory at

If this sounds like good work to you (it is fun working with authors!) you can get training yourself and become certified as a Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant (PVAA) at



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