The Work of the Copywriter

by Jan King on September 25, 2012

This week I will be introducing Susan to Gloria Balcom, an experienced Marketing Consultant.  She will be working with Susan to add pizzazz to her bio (a shortened version of which will go on her back cover).  A bio should always be written in the 3rd person – talking about the person in a way most of us couldn’t do if we were writing in 1st person.  In other words, instead of saying, “I graduated in 1983″, say “Pat (or Ms. Smith) graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1983.”

The copywriter’s talent lies in seeing the marketing potential in what we may take for granted and not see as something special.  The copywriter has a fresh perspective and can interpret our facts into a shorter number of words that excites people about us and our opinions.

Gloria will also use this talent to collaborate with Susan for a description of the book for the website and a short, paragraph or bulleted list about the book for the back cover.

The last item they will work on for now may be to have Gloria work with Susan to craft testimonials to highlight the benefits of reading the book.  Susan has friends and business associates who may not want to read the entire book quickly or don’t feel competent to write a testimonial.

It is perfectly fine to write testimonials for others and send them to them for approval or changes.

Susan may write any of these things herself, but it is hard for us to get perspective on a book we’ve worked on for so long.  It is good to at least have these materials reviewed by someone who regularly works as a book marketing consultant.  Just a few words changed can somehow change the whole feel of the description or bio.

Susan is also busy getting new professional photos done for the back cover of the book and the About the Author (bio) section at the end of the book and for her website.  You should have headshots done as well as photos outdoors or full body standing or seated for different looks to put on different documents or used by the media.

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