Author’s Assistants

by Jan King

Are you an Author Trying to Juggle Too Many Hats?
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Writing a book is a substantial challenge in itself, but today’s authors are also responsible for a myriad of time-consuming publishing and marketing activities. If trying to connect all these authoring dots has you overwhelmed, you are not alone. Fortunately, we have a solution.

Assisted Self Publishing with an Author’s Assistant
Assisted self publishing means the author is also the publisher. There are distinct advantages to self publishing including keeping all the rights to your own work, keeping all the profits and generally taking far less time to get your book to market. The disadvantages might be the time it takes to learn the publishing industry and know how to produce a professional-quality book. Working with an author’s assistant solves that problem!

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What authors say about using a virtual author’s assistant…

Just a few of the many ways a Virtual Author’s Assistant can help you follow:
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What Kinds of Interview Questions Should I Ask Potential Assistants?

You should always interview any author’s assistant you are considering working with to make sure you are comfortable with his or her level of skills and that the working chemistry will be right between you. You might consider questions like this:

* What kind of training have you received as an author’s assistant?
* Have you been certified as a Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant (PVAA)?
* Will you be able to handle my eBook and my CD development as well?
* Do you like working on tight deadlines?
* Tell me about the other authors you have worked with.
* What kind of progress reporting can I expect?
* Can you help me find the right editor for this book project?

If you want an established commercial publisher, your VAA can:
• prepare your manuscript for submission
• create a winning book proposal

If you prefer to self publish, your VAA:
• is an advocate with only your best interest at heart. POD publishers have their own vested agendas (see our 8 point checklist by clicking on the link), including taking control of your valuable intellectual property (use our checklist for negotiating contract terms.)
• can make the publishing process easy and fast by setting up the steps in the right order.
• will cost less than half the price of working with a POD publisher. A POD ala carte pricing structure will eventually cost thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.
• can provide referrals to valuable professional resources like editors and cover designers.

And when the time comes to develop and execute a book marketing strategy, your VAA can help:
• assess your connections and evaluate the kind of marketing you want to do. (Saving the cost of a publicist until you have done everything you can for free!)
• get book reviews, set up interviews and develop social networking.
• stay within your book marketing budget. (POD publishers offer expensive book marketing packages that usually net zero or very few sales.)

One of our meticulously trained and certified Virtual Author’s Assistants (VAA)
can make your dream of simplifying the authoring process come true.

To fill this growing industry need, The Virtual Authors Assistant Training Program (VAATP) has been developed by Jan B. King, respected book publisher turned strategist and consultant. Authors worldwide can now rely on our highly-trained and certified VAAs to help them navigate the publishing process.

A Certified VAA:

• already knows the steps in your publishing journey so can act as your personal guide.
• has a team of valued resources to refer you to for specific expertise.
• is experienced in profitable book marketing.
• can actually do needed tasks, freeing you to continue the work only you can do

Two ways to select the best VAA for your needs:
#1 Go to our FREE directory at to find a list of trained and certified VAAs worldwide – and to learn more about how to use the services of a VAA.

#2 You can enroll your own on-site or virtual assistant in our Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program for only $597 (or 3 payments of $199) at the author who decides self publishing is right for his or her book, you don’t have to do it alone! The author’s assistant can guide the author to the right freelance team members or the right publishing services firm that allows the author to maintain his or her intellectual property, own the working files to the book and make other decisions that are key for a successful publishing experience.