Time and Life’s Interruptions

by Susan K. Younger on September 16, 2012

Time and life have not been my friends as I tried to work with Kim Pearson’s comments for editing my book. They are interruptions to the writing process. When the comments came back from Kim I was so confident I would be able to work with them in a timely fashion and send my revision back in 2 maybe 3 weeks at most. Oh was I wrong.

I found time to read the comments immediately and knew I had some commitments that would not allow me time to work right away, but at least I thought I would be able to mentally process some things while addressing the rest of life and get to work on the book in a couple of days.

Sometimes the little bits of time I plan to work on the revisions are after a long day. But by that time brain cells have been depleted solving life’s problems, making sure the work that pays the bills is done and that I have also allowed time to recharge, sleep, eat. Sustaining life even on basic levels can be exhausting. I have to carve out a block of time where brain and body are supported to create the focus to even think about the work on the book. Free of other nagging thoughts.

It was more than one week later before I was able to carve out some time when I also had a brain and even that time did little more than allow me to begin an approach that took me away on a tangent and I didn’t complete what I wanted to.  It only had opened up the brain to consider more, reflect more about what was previously written and what changes and additions still were required.

More interruptions and more time.

What drawing is my paying client expecting, what time is the next massage appointment, where’s it located, did the dog go out recently, have I fed the birds?  Thoughts that interrupt. Guilt – because you can’t give the time you hoped. Work that pays the bills still has to be done and as organized as you might try to be with your own time it is impossible to organize the lives of others and the impact it has on yours when they need you.

Push aside what can be, deal with what must be. Then breathe, relax, reassess, create the space, time and focus for that last push. Finally I had the opportunity to do what I thought I would do weeks before. Finally the revisions are sent more than 30 days later.

Looking back the extra time was an opportunity to let the ideas bounce around the brain.  As I found the time I could address what needed to be done. Yes it took longer, went slower, felt more emotional and almost painful but still purposefully driven at the right time after all.

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