Thoughts after Working with Editor Comments

by Susan K. Younger on September 12, 2012

It was much harder for me to rework the stories and add the input requested by Kim from me than I had ever expected. It was so clear to me she could see from a reader’s perspective what was missing in the stories. Yet as I tried to answer those questions I would get lost in how to add detail and how did that change what I thought I had written.

Because the stories are not chronological I was asked to add more history on what and when about my life. Not wanting it to sound like a blunt resume I tried to just start writing and found a story pouring out that had not been told in the book. Yet 4-5 pages into that story I realized I had still not added the timeline requested.

It was as if trying to add the timeline was asking me to go through my life and add value to the book by reconfirming where I had found value in my own life.

It was an emotional journey I had not expected.

I found myself questioning everything I had written and at moments I was wondering why I even wanted to share anything of my life in print. I wondered if telling my stories was telling secrets that I should hold sacred and close to my heart, but not let out to the world.

On the other hand the doubter would wonder why anyone would care about these stories.

Being asked to add dialog to bring people to life became a question of who said what when, did that actually get said, was I putting words in someone mouth that would not have been said at that moment?

It had me questioning my own memories. How could they be so strong and so anchored with feeling and yet be more about the feeling of support or love given to me and vague in detail. Just how jumbled up were so many things into one thought or feeling. How could I be true to a story and not be accurate in the detail. Total angst.

It took longer than I hoped and yet taking the time gave me the opportunity to really assess what was my point of view and why I wanted to share my stories.

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