The Book Outline and Beginning to Write

by Susan K. Younger on August 3, 2012

Once Jan, my book coach, had given me an idea to focus on for my book it made it easy to pull together stories and figure where food and sharing fit into each one. I was surprised it took me only an hour to make a list of stories and see today that list is not too far off from the ones I actually wrote about.

At first I found myself trying to think chronologically about the stories; how topics would flow.

I found myself thinking in terms of early childhood through life as an adult. It’s how life flows, its how we grow. . . and then growing food and seasons of change began to become my filter and I realized my stories really seemed to fit easier around the calendar year and thoughts of spring, summer, fall and winter. I found my stories were about new beginnings, sort of like planting a seed and letting it grow. There was freedom to throw away one concept and begin another while still letting the stories flow out of me.

Jan had said from the beginning write what comes to you and don’t worry about writing chapter 1, 2, 3 to the end. Freedom to let ideas come out as they popped into my head allowed me to make progress in small bites.

Maybe a song on the radio reminded me of a story I wanted to tell.

Maybe the time of year, or a sunny day could be the inspiration to complete a chapter.

For me more than anything it was also making the commitment for my next coaching call with Jan that helped keep me on target moving forward. I wanted to have another story to share, one or two chapters a month. Slow progress but progress none the less.

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