Benefits of Team Support for the Author

by Susan K. Younger on October 1, 2012

Having the team support me during the process of self publishing with their assistance has been freeing and exciting. I’ve worked with teams before when I was within a corporation and in a design firms, but for the last 12 years, I’ve been an independent contractor working alone. Writing for the last few years has also been a solitary activity shared only with the review of Jan King as my coach and friends I had asked for feedback about my stories.

Bringing this team together is different because although it is my book they are all the experts and I am the novice. In the past I would have been leading a team and responsible for setting the course for them to achieve an outcome. Here I am the one asking for guidance and although I know what I want in the end the game plan of how to achieve it comes from my team of experts. These are the people who have the experience I lack and can guide me through a process to make it easy for me to get from the first step to the next without having to stumble through my ignorance about where or how to do something I have never done before.

Having each of these is indispensible.

A virtual assistant who knows how many ISBN numbers I need, when and where to get them ready when needed and helps keep things on track.

An editor, who knows how to tell what make the stories ring true for the reader. She makes the stories more engaging, while still holding true to my voice.

A book cover designer who is able to anticipate what artwork options I need to have not only for the cover but for website and later for promotions.

A copywriter who can help with copy for promotional products and the web site.

A website designer who can take different components and tie them together wonderfully.

All of these are freeing me to concentrate on the portions of the project that can only come from me. How supported and free I feel having a great team to carry me through the process they have all done before when it is all new to me.

I can’t thank them enough for the ways they have enlightened and guided me. They have made this process as painless as possible and productive.

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