Working with an Editor

by Susan K. Younger on August 21, 2012

I got Kim’s evaluation of my manuscript the same day I had my first conversation with Bella about the book cover. It was the verbal feedback to mirror the visual feedback and help me see how my writing was perceived by others. What a great way to get feedback, so helpful for me to begin […]


Writing as a process and what worked for me

by Susan K. Younger on August 4, 2012

Once the outline had been set some chapters “dumped” out of me easily while others required real work and time to decide what details I really wanted to share and why that story was important to share and how. I had to learn the rhythm of work that best fostered progress for me. I was […]


The Book Outline and Beginning to Write

by Susan K. Younger on August 3, 2012

Once Jan, my book coach, had given me an idea to focus on for my book it made it easy to pull together stories and figure where food and sharing fit into each one. I was surprised it took me only an hour to make a list of stories and see today that list is […]


The First Book Coaching Call

by Susan K. Younger on August 1, 2012

When I signed up for coaching with Jan I sent her information about topics I thought I might be interested in writing about and confirmed that I had nothing started. I postponed our first session for 2 months knowing I was house hunting and anticipated completing a move during that time frame. I wanted to […]