Why You Need an Independent Proofreader

by Lauren Hidden on October 10, 2012

As Jan mentioned in her last blog post, proofreading is a very important part of the book creation process. Unfortunately, it is one that many self-published authors skip—often as a cost saving measure. But proofreading, like editing, is one of the many “pay now or pay later” aspects of book publishing. If your readers or […]

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Importance of Proofreaders and Proofreading

by Jan King on October 8, 2012

This week, I will be introducing Susan to Lauren Hidden who will be proofreading her book before it goes to the interior designer. Sometimes it seems that we’ve read our own manuscripts so many times that we just assume we must have caught all the mistakes.  Unfortunately reading our manuscripts multiple times means we are […]


We’ve made a lot of progress since we started blogging at the end of July, but we’ve got plenty left to do. Writing your book is generally a one-person effort, but producing and publishing it is very different.  It is a team effort.  Because several people are doing the work a number of things are […]