Time and Life’s Interruptions

by Susan K. Younger on September 16, 2012

Time and life have not been my friends as I tried to work with Kim Pearson’s comments for editing my book. They are interruptions to the writing process. When the comments came back from Kim I was so confident I would be able to work with them in a timely fashion and send my revision […]


Front Cover Design – Author’s Input

by Susan K. Younger on September 14, 2012

It did not take Bella Guzman long to come up with 3 concepts for the books cover after our first call. All 3 lovely ideas sketched out noted to let me know about font, color and any detail that would be developed further in the next step. One concept spoke to me clearly the image […]


Thoughts after Working with Editor Comments

by Susan K. Younger on September 12, 2012

It was much harder for me to rework the stories and add the input requested by Kim from me than I had ever expected. It was so clear to me she could see from a reader’s perspective what was missing in the stories. Yet as I tried to answer those questions I would get lost […]