Author’s Perspective on Interior Book Design

by Susan K. Younger on December 11, 2012

While writing my book I had no concept of what the interior layout would be, how, or if the photos I liked could be included. As we worked on the interior layout I started  looking for photos that represented key images for the stories I was sharing from my life. Did I want a photo […]


Self-Publishing by the Numbers – ISBNs and LCCNs

by Janica Smith on November 12, 2012

Have you ever looked at the page at the front of a book that has the information about when a book was published? This page can be found on the back of the interior title page of any book – it is called the verso page in the publishing world. The page holds information about […]


Kim finished with editing last week and the manuscript was handed off to  Lauren, Susan’s proofreader. When Lauren is finished, the manuscript will be ready to send to Cindy Davis for layout (more about that later). Joy finished the graphic and technical parts to the website. Now, Gloria and Susan are working on Susan’s bio, […]


Writing a Book Proposal

by Susan K. Younger on October 13, 2012

I originally thought I might publish this book with an established commercial publisher, so I worked for a long time on a book proposal. Writing the book proposal was way harder for me than writing the book. 14 months / 25 chapters = Book Manuscript 16 months /10 pages of pain = Book Proposal I […]


The Wonderful PDF Lady

by Kim Pearson on October 9, 2012

Copyediting means trying to catch and fix all the errors in a manuscript. It is a tedious job, and not one for perfectionists, because perfect does not exist. If you’ve been writing or working on a manuscript for a while, those small and pesky errors, such as “I’m got an idea” instead of “I’ve got […]


Importance of Proofreaders and Proofreading

by Jan King on October 8, 2012

This week, I will be introducing Susan to Lauren Hidden who will be proofreading her book before it goes to the interior designer. Sometimes it seems that we’ve read our own manuscripts so many times that we just assume we must have caught all the mistakes.  Unfortunately reading our manuscripts multiple times means we are […]


Benefits of Team Support for the Author

by Susan K. Younger on October 1, 2012

Having the team support me during the process of self publishing with their assistance has been freeing and exciting. I’ve worked with teams before when I was within a corporation and in a design firms, but for the last 12 years, I’ve been an independent contractor working alone. Writing for the last few years has […]


The Work of the Copywriter

by Jan King on September 25, 2012

This week I will be introducing Susan to Gloria Balcom, an experienced Marketing Consultant.  She will be working with Susan to add pizzazz to her bio (a shortened version of which will go on her back cover).  A bio should always be written in the 3rd person – talking about the person in a way […]


How to Make Your Editor Happy

by Kim Pearson on September 20, 2012

I’m now working on Susan’s manuscript and making suggestions on what and how to change, relocate, delete, and fix things like cumbersome wording, trite or cliché-ridden passages, redundant or unnecessary words and phrases, and other such writing perils that befall authors. This means that the manuscript that emerges after I’ve done my thing will be […]


We’ve made a lot of progress since we started blogging at the end of July, but we’ve got plenty left to do. Writing your book is generally a one-person effort, but producing and publishing it is very different.  It is a team effort.  Because several people are doing the work a number of things are […]