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Apostrophes, Fonts, Misty Trees and Other Decisions

by Kim Pearson on August 26, 2014

My copyeditor, Lauren Hidden ( finished editing the first of the seven haiku books, and is now closing in on finishing the rest. A commenter on Lauren’s Facebook post about this editing job asked this question: “How the hell does one edit haiku’s?” Pretty funny, considering that he answered his own question by putting an […]


We’ve made a lot of progress since we started blogging at the end of July, but we’ve got plenty left to do. Writing your book is generally a one-person effort, but producing and publishing it is very different.  It is a team effort.  Because several people are doing the work a number of things are […]


Front Cover Design – Author’s Input

by Susan K. Younger on September 14, 2012

It did not take Bella Guzman long to come up with 3 concepts for the books cover after our first call. All 3 lovely ideas sketched out noted to let me know about font, color and any detail that would be developed further in the next step. One concept spoke to me clearly the image […]