Starting on the Book Interior

by Jan King on October 14, 2012

This week I will introduce Susan to Cathy Davis who will be doing the book interior.

Cathy will talk to Susan about what she would like in the book in terms of fonts for headings and text.

They will probably look at pen and ink (black, not color) icons to illustrate the sections which are each of the seasons.  Cathy will also need to do a simple logo for Susan’s chosen publishing company name – Cielo Press.

Because this is a relatively short book with many stories, the layout should probably be to have all chapters starting on a right hand page, with a photo or illustration on the left if there is an empty page.  Cathy will give us 2-3 samples of a chapter or two and how it might look.  Susan will then ask for changes and once the margins, heading and text fonts and illustrations are agreed upon, the rest of the text will be put in the same format.  Then, based on how the text lays out,  Susan and Cathy will then decide on photos and/or illustrations.

Susan will probably want to have at least 5 icons/illustrations for the 5 sections of the book – Family, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and I think she has a few photos of her family

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