Some Perspective: How far have we come and how far do we still need to go?

by Jan King on September 15, 2012

We’ve made a lot of progress since we started blogging at the end of July, but we’ve got plenty left to do.

Writing your book is generally a one-person effort, but producing and publishing it is very different.  It is a team effort.  Because several people are doing the work a number of things are happening simultaneously.  It is also a perfect example of individual responsibility and collective action. At the end of the day, this is the work of the author and the author is responsible for making many decisions. But it is also about a team of people who genuinely enjoy and find using their expertise and experience on behalf of the author very rewarding.

So where are we in the process now? We are working on 4 fronts at this point:

1. Susan took Kim’s manuscript evaluation and made the changes she agreed with.  The manuscript is now back with Kim and she is doing the editing.  It will probably take her a couple of weeks to finish it. When the editing is finished, Kim will send it back to Susan to make sure she is fine with the final changes.  At that point the manuscript will be proofread by someone who has never seen it before, so she will have “fresh eyes” on it and will be able to catch any typos.

2.  The front cover has been finished and next week we will be starting the website for the book. We have already created a “skeleton” site and created currently empty pages to guide the website designer. The designer will match the look and feel of the site to the book cover and make sure it is functional.  She will add the email opt-in for fans, social media icons, Google Analytics (to track who is coming to the site) and more.

3. At the same time, we have a copywriter (someone who has a talent for writing that sells a product, as well as a lot of experience doing it) working on:

a. Susan’s bio for the inside back of the book, the website and a shorter version for the back cover.

b. Copy describing the book in sales language for the website, Amazon and a shorter version for the back cover.

c. She may also work on testimonials for the back cover, either editing testimonials as they come in or writing them for use by VIPs who don’t have time to write the testimonials themselves.  More about getting a Foreword written and asking for testimonials in another blog post.

4. The virtual author’s assistant is working on getting all the technical items done, like getting the ISBNs, the LCCN, registering for social media and registering with the right printers.  Even more important, the VAA is coordinating the work of all the team members so that we maximize our use of time by doing things in the right order.

We’ve already introduced you to the author (Susan Younger), book coach (Jan B. King), the editor (Kim Pearson), the VAA (Janica Smith).  Next we will introduce you to the website designer, copywriter, proofreader and ultimately to the book interior designer and indexer.

There is plenty left to do but many of the rest of the tasks can be done at the same time, so the time to finish is less than you might think.


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