Praise for VAAs from Author Clients

by Jan King

Critical to the success of self published authors is the certified professional virtual author’s assistant. You can use our directory to find one who has the skills you want and need. A profile in the directory cannot be purchased and it is free for use by authors. Only trained virtual author’s assistants who have demonstrated knowledge, expertise and practical skills are in our directory.

Download a PDF on the benefits of becoming a virtual author’s assistant here.

What is it like working with a virtual author’s assistant?  These authors want to tell you:

“Working with a virtual author’s assistant of Cheryl’s caliber means its a collaborative team effort.  I learned from her how to do my job as an author better.  Its affordable, it’s effective and it’s fun!”–Jennie Nash, successful author of 6 books, published by Penguin (Berkley Trade and Plume) about working with her certified professional virtual author’s assistant, Cheryl Callighan.

“Those who want to know about formatting your ebook for kindle, contact Corine. She’s mastered the formatting and also is available for proofreading and editing. She just formatted Amazon Best Seller ‘The New York Catch’ for kindle and it’s looking great!”– Amanda Hanna, author about working with her certified professional VAA, Corine LaFont.

“As a new author, it has been wonderful for me to have a Certified Author’s Assistant. She understands many things about the world of book publishing and marketing that I don’t. Not only does Carole easily take care of the many tasks I give her, but she also comes up with a variety of ideas on her own and is able to seamlessly execute them.” — Candace Plattor, M.A., R.C.C. Author of Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself about her certified VAA Carole Audet.

“I have worked with many virtual assistants over the years and Janica is one of the best. I especially appreciate the fact that she understands Internet marketing and author marketing–two unique and important skills. She helped me coordinate the first annual Nonfiction Writers Conference and I couldn’t have done it without her. Her attention to detail and suggestions for improvements were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Janica to anyone interested in working with a true professional.”– Stephanie Chandler, author and speaker about her certified VAA Janica Smith.

“As a new self-published author, I relied on my VAA Karen’s expertise to complete many of the projects to get my book from idea to bookshelf.” –Ellen Rogin, author of Great With Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity about her certified VAA Karen Reddick.