Nervous Author – Thinking about Marketing on the Verge of Publishing

by Susan K. Younger on October 11, 2012

It has been wonderful to see an end in sight when I will have a real book.  Not just a collection of stories written over the course of time, but a book I can hold in my hand.  Something someone else can pickup and read, or download to their Kindle, computer, tablet or other handheld device.

Yet once that is real, then what?
How and why do I share my stories?
What do I hope those stories do for others?
Is it just about the process of learning to write a book and then moving on to something else?
All these thoughts engage my brain theses days.

I used to build department stores.  I headed the store planning department for a major corporation and at that time 3-5 years might have been spent from the inception of the project to the day the store opened.  I can only relate that process to giving birth. Finishing the book will have somewhat the same feeling.

I will not control what others think about my creation, I can offer it up in many forms and engage in blogs, speeches and other promotional options to make a connection with the readers but at a certain point it is their thoughts that move forward if the stories inspire them to engage in their own connections around food, friends and family.

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