More Perspective: How far have we come and how far do we still need to go?

by Jan King on October 15, 2012

Kim finished with editing last week and the manuscript was handed off to  Lauren, Susan’s proofreader.

When Lauren is finished, the manuscript will be ready to send to Cindy Davis for layout (more about that later).

Joy finished the graphic and technical parts to the website. Now, Gloria and Susan are working on Susan’s bio, the website copy and the copy for the back of the book.

When the bio for the interior of the book is finished it will be incorporated into the manuscript.  A shorter version will be part of the back cover.

When the layout is almost complete, Susan will be able to ask for testimonials by giving potential endorsers a PDF copy of her entire book (more about that later as well).

Final pieces – the index, another proofreading, copy-fitting for the back cover.  Registering with printers and KDP (Kindle).

We’re getting close!

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