I Show Up

by Kim Pearson on August 12, 2014

Whoopie, we’re off and running. My project, The Haiku Books of Days, will soon be out in the world, instead of being hidden inside my morning pages journals. I am incredibly grateful to the awesome team Jan King has put together to help make this happen.

If you’ve read my first post about the Haiku Books of Days project, you know that I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for over 15 years. In that time I’ve ghostwritten eBooks, articles, blog posts, newsletters, and over 40 full-length books for other people, and been the content editor for another 20+ books as well. I’ve also written and published 8 books of my own. So I’m not exactly a newbie to the book biz. This means I already know I cannot do it all by myself – I will need help.

The next step is to send my seven haiku books to a copyeditor, because I’m pretty sure there may be a typo or two lurking somewhere in those approximately 65,000 words. It would be odd if there weren’t. Although I self-edited the manuscript before I sent it on, I know I’m just too close to the material to spot all those pesky little devils. Many of them I simply won’t see. Although I’m a professional writer, it is because I am a professional that I know I need an editor.

My editor for these haiku books is Lauren Hidden. (www.hiddenhelper.com) I have worked with Lauren before, so I already know that she is a dynamite editor with the ability to suggest fixes and changes that enhance my work – without hurting my tender writerly feelings.

The Haiku Books of Days project lies especially close to my heart. I didn’t write all these haiku (over 2500 in the seven books of the series) with the intent to publish, at least not then. My intent was simply to express whatever was moving around inside me at the time I wrote them, hopefully in a beautiful or arresting way. To make poetry and art, you know. Nothing to do with commerce, right?

It was Jan King who convinced me that my haiku might interest others too, so I should publish and market them. She also felt that this project was a good fit for associatedselfpublishing.com, because it could let other poets know that their works of beauty need not languish in a drawer somewhere. Combining art with business, what a concept.

Here’s my haiku that expresses this concept, from one of the seven books, A Haiku Book of Days, for Philosophers, Scientists, and Other Ponderers:

just one simple thing:
show up! the audience waits
ready to applaud

But no one steps onto the stage without tryouts and rehearsals, do they? That is what the editor sees. It’s her job to ensure that you show up as the very best you can be.

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