Holding the Proof Copy of my Book for the First Time

by Susan K. Younger on January 24, 2013

The proof of the book went first to Janica Smith, my virtual assistant. She has the experience and knows what quality and consistency to look for in the first copy of the book from the printers. It was exciting to hear she was happy with what she had received. She mailed the book to me the same day she received it. Knowing the book would be in my mailbox the next day was so exciting.

I could not get the smile off my face as I zipped open the mailing envelope. The book looked beautiful and the tactile feel of the cover was wonderful. The weight and feel of the interior’s pages was just right. Everything about it felt perfect. Everything looked just as it had with the final PDF’s we had reviewed. No surprise, just excitement with the reality of a book to hold in my hands.

I had two opportunities to share my excitement that evening I was headed to a gathering with speakers and people who would help promote me and later back to work at a design office where a group of us were working on a deadline. Some people I had known for only weeks and some I had know for years. What great fun to share the excitement of receiving the book with others, after all the wonderful efforts of my team. It was fun to see others excitement and anticipation for when they too might get a copy of my book, Simple Living Simple Food for themselves.

Gratitude, joy and anticipation all rolled together. Thank you to my team of incredibly talented professionals. Without their support this book would not exist. My heart and head explode with joy at seeing Simple Living Simple Food in print.

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