What Book Marketing to Do While Writing

by Jan King on August 2, 2012

Because there is such an emphasis on book marketing in the popular press, it is important as you are writing a book, to know what to focus on in marketing and what to wait on. Read this blog post from another blog for some marketing things to do while writing your book: http://janbking.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/book-marketing-while-writing/.

When Susan and I started working together I asked her as I ask all authors if they have a website. Most people have a website under their name or under a business name. You can add pages about the book to your current website or create a new site just for the book. There is no hurry to create new pages or a new site until the book is almost completed (front cover design should be done before the site), but it is important to reserve the domain name (URL) for your name, the book title and your publishing company name (if you are self publishing). You may not have determined a book title until later in the writing process and if this is true, check if the domain is taken before you make a firm decision. It is important to know that a title cannot be copyrighted, so you could use a title that has been used by someone else unless it is trademarked (like Freakonomics). If you are using a title for which the domain has already been taken, then consider adding the word “book” after the title and see if that is available. Susan had already reserved her name, and she reserved the domain name for her title when she knew for sure what that would be.

When you self publish your book you become both the author and the publisher. If you have a business name, you can usually use it as your publishing company name if you wish. You can also come up with a special name and a simple logo for your publishing company that will go on the spine, title page and back cover of the book. Reserve the domain name for your publishing company as soon as you have named it. Be sure and Google your title and your publishing company name to make sure no one else is already using it.

More about publishing company names when Susan gets to that part of the process.

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