Cover Designer Perspective

by Bella Guzman on September 18, 2012

It’s very exciting to finish the cover design, and this is where the marketing work begins. The web designer, interior book designer and marketing/PR team all need your cover to go out and promote your book. You will need your final file saved for print and web in formats that are easy to email or send out.

It’s also a good idea to create a 3D version of your book to help it be easily recognized as a book when used on your site or flyers. There are lots of blank books on and other stock sites that your designer can use to mock up your book, either hard cover or soft cover and you’ll just need an approximate page count in order to create a spine and book size that will match your finished piece.

Meanwhile, the author and copywriter will working back cover sales copy with the author’s photo, short bio, book summary and testimonials. The designer will fit the copy onto the back cover in the best format, borrowing from the design of the front cover.  If there is too much text to fit, then the copywriter or author will make changes until it looks perfect and reads well.  By this time, the author or VAA will also secure the ISBN and finalize pricing which are also needed for the back cover and are part of the bar code.

Once the final page count is determined, we will be able to request a template from the printer that includes the size of the spine, bleed marks and begin production to send the book cover to print along with the interior pages when those are completed.

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