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by Jan King on September 19, 2012

This week I’m introducing Susan to Joy Reyes who will be designing her website.  This will be a WordPress website which I use myself for all my sites because the code is free and it is easy for the non-tech author to make changes any time, including adding pages, blogging and adding photos and media events.

It is fun to work with Joy because she lives in the Philippines.  I send her something late afternoon in the U.S. and by the next morning she’s made progress on the site.  We can go back and forth by email late in our evening when we need to ask each other questions.  It is amazing to think how the Internet has allowed us to work together even if we are half a world away.

You can watch the progress of Susan’s site at  Right now, as I am writing  it only has some headings and WordPress pre-loaded graphics, but in a few days you will see Susan’s website morph into something that matches to cover colors and design of her book to create her brand.

I talked about what to include in an author website in a prior blog post.  It is important to have a website before your book comes out and whether you publish with an established commercial publisher or self publish you will be responsible for your own website.

Your website will become “author central” for all the information buyers, readers, the media and all your fans need.  Make it compelling and easy to access everything people might want.  Your readers want to get to know you as a person and understand more about why you wrote the book and how you think.

Don’t worry – you can develop your site  little by little.  You should keep updating and changing your site for as long as you want to sell your book.

And don’t spend a fortune for your site.  You can easily get a site built for $1,000 or less and if you mostly keep it up yourself you will save yourself a lot of money.

In general, authors sell their books on so you link your website “buy” page, which might be the home page (the first page you come to when you type the URL).  Otherwise you have to deal with eCommerce and inventorying and shipping your own books.

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