Publishing Costline

by Jan King

A self published book will cost in the range of $10,000 to produce.  DO NOT get talked into the POD Publishers line about it being less than $500 or other come-ons that result in later add-ons for many thousands of dollars.  The average book can cost over $30,000 if you work with a POD publisher and there are many other negatives as well. The best, most professional and most cost effective way to get a book self-published is by hiring independent contractors for the services you need individually.  We talk elsewhere about the problems of working with POD Publishers.

Here is an estimate of what you can expect to pay for a 150-200 page printed book with a black and white interior and full color cover and an ebook version as well. Please understand that I am not a publisher, I am a book coach who can guide you through the process to publish on your own or with some professional assistants like editors, cover designers and indexers. What you see below is only part of why you might want to do this yourself – the costs are much lower. This website is dedicated to educating aspiring authors and everything on it is free. We are not here as publishers, we are assistants to authors.

Expected costs – all from independent contractors who do this work for a living:

Book Coach – $1,000 -$2,000

Editor – $1,000-$3,000

ISBNs – $297 (0rder 10)

Cover Design – $1,000 and up

Interior Design – $2,500 and up

Copywriter – $1,000 and up

Proofreading – $500 and up

Indexing – $750 and up

Virtual Author’s Assistant  – $1,000 and up

Website – $500 and up

Printer Registration – $200

Printed Copies – $4 per copy (recommend 200 copies 1st  order) – $800

eBook Formatting and Uploading – $400

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