Author’s Perspective on Interior Book Design

by Susan K. Younger on December 11, 2012

While writing my book I had no concept of what the interior layout would be, how, or if the photos I liked could be included. As we worked on the interior layout I started  looking for photos that represented key images for the stories I was sharing from my life.

Did I want a photo for each chapter or each segment?
Was there anywhere a collection of photos would better represent the story better than a single photo?
Where did the photos belong in the layout of the book?

I started pulling any old photo I thought might be an option and then sorted through the group many times. Sometimes I was looking for a specific photo I knew existed and other times just any that would relate to a story. I was surprised in looking through old boxes of photos that most stories I would have thought had some photo to accompany them had no photo documentation at all.

I final realized I was trying too hard to tie a photo to the exact subject of each chapter. I really wanted readers to conjure up their own memories. Photos would be used to evoke a feeling of another time not a specific time or detail in any story.

It was amazing how once I had seen 3 options of a sample chapter layout it became clear to me just what was required and what was right for my book. It made it very easy to see what components would make my stories sing and how to tie in photos only as an introduction to the segments of seasons and not the individual stories.

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