Author’s Perspective: Front Cover Design

by Susan K. Younger on August 18, 2012

Before my first conversation with Bella Guzman about the book cover design I felt I really had no preconceived idea of what my cover should look like at all.

Jan had asked me if I had any ideas and I told her I really wanted Bella to be the creative talent she is and see what “pictures” came to her from the written word.

Because I have an architectural design background I understand letting the artist create. While I may have several thoughts of what I want someone to feel when they experience a space, how that is achieved sometime comes in surprising ways that so exceed my expectations because the idea is nurtured and the concept is allowed to evolve.

I felt like the cover was a blank canvas and it was going to be fun to watch someone else show me what my words inspired.

Yet I wanted to be prepared for our 1st call. I read Jan’s blog “Title and Front Cover Design” of August 7, 2012, I was inspired by the note about sharing which book covers I liked. What a wonderful way to look for common bonds in the books I have around the house.

Walking from room to room I picked up some books and was so surprised to discover things in common on several that I had never noticed before. I even remembered walking through book stores and thinking about what drew me to various books.

• 3 or 4 had white background with black letters maybe a touch of red and one image.

• Some had a picture that somehow evoked a feeling related to subject or title centered with text above or below. Most of those pictures depict landscapes.

• Red-orange, gold, green. Three colors I use frequently in design around my home were also colors I was drawn to when covers were in bold colors.

• I had written down four words on my page Simple, Clean, Warm and Happy.

• I also had a few books that I felt did not do a good job of aligning cover design with title or content and why they did not ring true to me.

It made it even easier to tell Bella I did have a point of view, but the design would still be her creation . . . . What fun to inspire. I’m really looking forward to seeing Bella’s first concepts.

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