Author’s Comments on information for the Back Cover

by Susan K. Younger on December 19, 2012

The back cover was one of the last things done for the book Simple Living Simple Food. I had time to think about what needed to go on the back cover. I needed a photo and brief bio of author, description / synopsis of the book and testimonials from people who had access to early copies of the book’s interior.
Testimonials are things that require us, as authors, to let others shine their light on us and can be tough for shy girls like me to even think about asking others for help with. I was so thrilled with the testimonials from trusted business associates and friends.

Having a copywriter reframe my biography and book description really made the information relate to the readers perspective.

When all this information came together the back cover and spine were merged with the front cover. I really started to feel the anticipation of having the completion of the book close at hand.

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