Assisted Self Publishing Headquarters

by Jan King

Welcome to the Assisted Self Publishing Headquarters. Here, you can get information about the best ways to publish your book, find out what help you need, how long it should take, how much it should cost and how to do it yourself or with help, what is reasonable to sign in a contract and what you should never agree to.

I am Jan King, currently a book coach, publishing strategist and author advocate with more than 30 years’ experience in the publishing industry, including as a mid-sized publisher President & CEO. After all this time I still love working with authors and providing them with accurate information about how best to take the authoring journey to get what they want from this experience. If you want help with creating the most marketable possible book, email me at and/or go to my website at

If you have the time to write, but not the money to get published (you think), we might be able to change your mind, click on the “What is Assisted Self Publishing?” link above.

If you have the money to finance book publishing, but no time to write your book, we have way to assist you to success with recommended writers and other professionals. Read about “ghostwriters” on the menu you will see when you put your cursor over “What is Self Publishing?” above.

If you are not sure how best to get your book published, read about publishing options here. If you’ve decided to self publish, learn what that really means for you as an author by clicking the “What is Assisted Self Publishing?” link on the navigation bar above.

This site represents our efforts to teach authors how to determine which publishers are legitimate and which are not and how to self publish professionally and profitably if they wish to do so. Let us be clear – we are not publishers but experienced professionals who combined have well over a hundred years in the publishing industry and who want to share their insider knowledge with aspiring authors at no charge for using all the information on the site.

You can get a sense of what assisted self publishing is by reading the ongoing blog below featuring posts by an author who is self publishing with the assistance of her team of book professionals. You can experience their interactions as they work on her book. Read bios of the author and team by clicking “The Team” link at the top of the page in the navigation bar.

Here are a few examples of the helpful information you will find in this site:

Book Publishing Timeline
Book Publishing Costline

Author Roadmap – (click to download) A shorthand version of all the steps in the writing, publishing and marketing processes for a non-fiction book
Your Author Journey – (click to download) – How to approach your writing process and reduce your concerns


With the blog below we hope to create a window on the process to allow inexperienced authors to see how to self publish the RIGHT way, with a virtual author’s assistant and a team of experienced professionals.  Don’t hire a “POD Publisher” – you can do this work yourself or with a trained certified assistant – it is easier than you think.  Save yourself money, time and hold onto your publishing rights and profits.  Check it out!

You can start reading the most recent blog post below. Or if you’d rather read it starting with the first post, scroll to the bottom of the page on the right column and click on “About the blog”.

You can also have the blog posts delivered via email as they are written.  Sign up on the right column.

If you are an author and don’t have a Virtual Author’s Assistant (VAA), then I’m so sorry for you. I also urge you to get one, because a good VAA will make your author journey much smoother, productive, and successful. And you will learn a lot about the book biz, too. For the last few […]

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My copyeditor, Lauren Hidden ( finished editing the first of the seven haiku books, and is now closing in on finishing the rest. A commenter on Lauren’s Facebook post about this editing job asked this question: “How the hell does one edit haiku’s?” Pretty funny, considering that he answered his own question by putting an […]

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I Show Up

August 12, 2014

Whoopie, we’re off and running. My project, The Haiku Books of Days, will soon be out in the world, instead of being hidden inside my morning pages journals. I am incredibly grateful to the awesome team Jan King has put together to help make this happen. If you’ve read my first post about the Haiku […]

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For nearly twenty years, one of my writing disciplines has been to write one haiku poem per day. I write them whether I feel like it or not, mostly in the mornings while looking out my office window. The view outside is always and never the same, reflecting the inward view of my own psyche. […]

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